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Bob Langham(non-registered)
Great Pictures Bob! Made me feel like I had been at our 50th but other commitments. Love the pictures of the lighthouses. you have some real talent.
Ron Lenz(non-registered)
(2) Beautiful observations... your an 'old school' photographer - being patient and knowing 'where to be' and 'when to shoot' is a skill that will never be replaced by 1000 clicks and lots of editing. Yes, in the 'old school' each shot could cost $1+ to see the print - you had to get it right before the shot. And 2nd .... while I am amazed I am not surprised... you found another way to apply your incredible discipline and perfection. 2 attributes that so aptly defined you and your work at GM. I can't wait to see where this leads you to.
Steve Hecker(non-registered)
Great stuff! Nice navigation!

You da man!
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